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Castle Donington Parish Council

Serving the people of Castle Donington

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Clerk: Fiona Palmer
Parish Rooms, Hillside, Castle
Donington, Derby DE74 2NH

Tel: 01332 810432

Castle Donington Parish Council provides YOUR local services. We endeavour to make Castle Donington a better place to live, work and visit. Our website includes a wealth of information about how we conduct business and what we do. Find local groups and businesses in our community directory. Use the search or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find what you want or would like to recommend any improvements to our website then please contact us.

Our Mission Statement

The Parish Council exists to ensure that, within the resources available, the parish, its environment and local services are maintained to the highest possible standards for citizens, visitors and those who work in Castle Donington. The Parish Council will also provide a focus for civic pride and community spirit, listen, identify and respond to agreed local needs and should help develop a strong, secure, self-reliant and self-confident community.

It is with great excitement we announce that building works started on The Hub on 13th March 2018

The contract for the refurbishment of The Hub has been awarded to Keller Construction Ltd an award winning construction company based in Ashby de la Zouch. The work will take a total of 24 weeks.

Follow the progress of the work on the Hub Progress Gallery

The Plans of the final design can be seen here

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Latest News

Volunteer Centre Report Castle Donington Parish Council Annual Meeting 12th April 2018

Volunteer Centre Report Castle Donington Parish Council Annual Meeting 12th April 2018

Mick Forey, Chairman of the trustees attended the meeting and gave a brief update on the work of the Volunteer Centre.

2016/7 was another successful year for the Volunteer Centre. We have continued to deliver a range of services to the community though our team of over 80 dedicated and active volunteers, assisted by five part-time staff. Despite the threat of reduced funding from Leicestershire County Council for Complementary Transport we appear to be on track to cover our costs for the year. However, LCC still plan to reduce the grant given to community transport providers over the next few years. More »

We are looking forward to the move to the Community Hub as this should also bring further overhead cost reductions as we share services with other groups as well as closer cooperation between the various groups who serve the same community.

We have recently reviewed our prices to customers. However, we are trying to do this in a way to protect our services to the most vulnerable and needy in our community. We have segmented our customers into categories by their needs and capability to pay for services. We are gradually raising prices for those people who can afford to pay more. Our main services are as follows:

Community Transport – is still the core of the volunteer centre activity. We have 6 minibuses with about 25 regular volunteer drivers and passenger assistants. Most of this activity is targeted at social inclusion i.e. providing the means and the opportunity to encourage the elderly, infirm or lonely to get out the house to meet other people and to get access to events, shopping and social occasions. This is the service that the LCC currently supports.

We also provide transport to local schools, clubs, societies and private individuals which contributes to the running cost of the buses and office staff.

Medical transport – provides a vital link for the elderly and infirm to get to hospital appointments. We have 10 regular drivers who use their own cars to provide this service plus our wheelchair adapted vehicle for the wheelchair bound customers. The local Clinical Commissioning Group financially supports this activity.

GrowCookShare – has been a resounding success since it was launched in October 2014 with a grant from the LCC. The monthly lunch club held in the Parish Church Hall regularly attracts 40-50 diners for a 3 course lunch. It is often oversubscribed. This service is now delivered solely by volunteers who grow fresh fruit and vegetables, prepare wholesome meals and serve them to our customers. We also regularly deliver a few meals to people that had booked but could not attend due to illness or infirmity. Our second monthly lunch club, this time specifically for the sheltered housing complex at Wakefield Court, continues to prove to be very popular with both the customers and the NWLDC. It has fulfilled a role of getting residents to socialise together, eat good quality food and to develop a sense of community.

Help@Hand – has grown significantly over the past 12 months. Not only fulfilling its original objective of small scale handyman services but now extending to assisting customers to fill in complex government forms plus helping people to move within the village. We now also include in the service some volunteers who help with basic reading skills development at a local school.

Volunteering – As always with any volunteer organisation we are always in need of more volunteers to help with all of the above services so we have an active campaign to attract and sign up anybody we can. We have been successful at this over the last 12 months to replace some volunteers who have left us and to grow the team. We are most in need of medical car drivers. If you know of anybody who can spare a few hours and have a car then please contact the Volunteer Centre. All drivers are paid a mileage allowance for use of their own car.

The Castle Donington Volunteer Centre would like to thank the Parish Council for its continued support in many ways and we look forward to working together for the benefit of the local communities for many years to come. » Less

Sun, 27 May 2018 07:00 by Chris Hills

Police Report Castle Donington Parish Council Annual Meeting 12th April 2018

Police Report Castle Donington Parish Council Annual Meeting 12th April 2018

The 2017/18 financial year has been a busy and challenging one for both Leicestershire Police and the Valley Beat Team. The organisation has lost 20% of its workforce since 2010 representing a budget cut of some £38 million. Despite this we have seen crime rise both nationally and locally, with an average national rise of over 14% recorded mid last year. Locally the parish has seen a headline increase of 16.9%, however when the effect of the Download Festival at Donington Park is removed following an exceptional year in 2016, this falls to just 1.9%, below the national average. This also needs to be viewed in light of changes in recording practice following inspections in Leicestershire and elsewhere, which accounts for a proportion of the countywide rise in recorded crime. More »

Throughout the year the beat team have sought to concentrate on issues which matter to you. Late last year the team worked extensively on the issue of cars misusing the highway in the area, liaising with highways to try and design out some of the attractive features of the road in use, patrolling the locations extensively and issuing warnings to a number of drivers who were stopped and spoken to.

Currently the team are concentrating on speed education and enforcement throughout the beat and have spent time in Castle Donington on High Street, which had been highlighted by residents and the council as an issue. This became less of an issue as volumes of traffic into the village increased due to the surrounding development activity, whilst traffic management generally is the preserve of the county council the beat team have continued to liaise with them, for example over the change in traffic light sequencing.

In similar news the beat team have worked both with the parish council, Highways England and County Council to address issues of HGV movement through the weight restrictions. We helped the parish set up a lorry watch scheme, have addressed issues directly with a number of haulage companies and worked to seek signage improvements at the A42 island, which whilst yet to come due to budget considerations, should occur in the future to yet further improve things. Whilst we appreciate this has to totally resolved the problem, the feedback we have received has indicated that matters have improved.

The end of one year and the start of another sees a change in personnel at North West Leicestershire, with myself, Inspector Bhakta the longest serving NPA Commander moving on to take a post in the Force Intelligence department at the end of April. I am sad to be leaving and wish to say a sincere thankyou to the parish council and other partners for their tireless hard work to improve the area in which we live and work.

Sergeant Dave Wadsworth will be leaving the beat as Neighbourhood Sergeant after two and a half years in the post. He would like to take this opportunity to put on record his thanks to both the hard working beat team and to Castle Donington Parish Council. The Parish Council have always been willing to get involved and have supported the delivery on work to educate, support and improve the lives of the community. He is very sad to be leaving behind a great team and the relationships he has built in the community. However, you have a strong beat team with a track record for delivery, PC's Underwood and Gravenall and PCSO's Bradley, Russell and Smith will remain with you.

They will be joined by a Sergeant Nick Leeland, who is a former North West Leicestershire officer who is thrilled to be back with us. Dave won't be going far, still being based on the area but responsible for crime investigation.

Over the last year the beat team have spent a significant amount of time dealing with protracted cases of Antisocial behaviour around the beat. One of the cases caught significant media attention was the joint investigation into a neighbour issue on Park Lane, which in February resulted in the courts issuing a suspended prison sentence to the perpetrator, which we hope shows how seriously the police, councils and the courts take such persistent serious Antisocial Behaviour.

PCSO Bradley has also delivered an evening presentation to the community on cybercrime and internet safety in support of the National & Force priority to tackle this issue. He has supported the Parish Council by arranging guest speakers from the district council to discuss the prevent agenda in what was a very well received evening. This complements the tireless work the team put in amongst the schools on the beat to try and educate our young people in how to keep themselves safe online.

Looking forward, the team will be continuing to work with you to concentrate on the neighbourhood issues that matter. I would urge you, if you have particular concerns, to take a look at our website and pop down to any of our advertised consultation events, or speak with the parish council to pass them on to us. After all it is only issues we know about that we can ever seek to resolve. We will continue to support events around the beat going into the summer season wherever possible, such as the regular stand at the music in the park event.

Finally, for those of you who may not be aware, those of working out of Coalville Police Station have moved from our long term home on Ashby Road, into a new joint station with the Fire and Rescue Service on Broad Street, we have settled in well.

Our front enquiry office remains open where it has been for a few years now in the North West Leicestershire District Council Offices, with opening hours during office hours Monday to Friday. May I again take this final opportunity to wish you all the very best and thank you for your continued support, if you ever need us then please do not hesitate to contact us via 101, or through the website or of course 999 in an emergency.

Inspector Helena Bhakta

The Parish Council thanked Inspector Helena Bhakta for her 5 years service and support to the Parish Council. » Less

Sat, 26 May 2018 12:00 by Chris Hills

Chairmans Report Castle Donington Parish Council Annual Meeting 12th April 2018

Chairmans Report Castle Donington Parish Council Annual Meeting 12th April 2018

As usual it has been a busy year for the Parish Council and its staff.

Planning permission was finally granted for the refurbishment of the Tudor Hotel and its conversion into the Castle Donington Community Hub. Once the final plans were approved a full design specification was produced and submitted through the government tendering process. The contract for the works has awarded to Keller Construction Ltd, an award-winning builder based in Ashby De La Zouch. Work is well underway, and the building is expected to be finished in August this year. Once complete the Parish Council, Castle Donington Volunteer Centre and Castle Donington Community Library with be the first users of the building. In addition to facilities for the three organisations the building will have open plan offices available for other organisations that benefit our community plus a large function room with kitchen facilities. The function room will be used by local groups for community events and can be rented for private functions. Currently the Clerk is progressing VAT status and Business Rate valuation of the building. The first user of the new Hub was the Farmers Market which has moved from the Bowls Club to the car park of the Hub. Since the move the market has continued to grow. More »

Our community has seen a number of significant new developments over this year. The Rail Freight development is well underway and has had a detrimental effect on the traffic through the village and a significant visual impact. We can only hope that both the traffic and the view will improve when the development is complete. The housing development south of Park Lane is now complete. This also has contributed to traffic issues in the village. Finally, the development north and south of Park Lane has started in that many trees and hedges have been removed. At every step of the planning process the Parish Council has worked hard to resist all of these developments, employing planning consultants to help formulate objections, personal representations at appeals and planning meetings and producing extensive documents to support our objections. However, we have no planning powers and are only consulates in the planning process.

Although we could not stop these developments we have another responsibility to try and ensure that the community receives as much planning gain as possible. Central government recognises the need for infrastructure to support new housing developments. They provide a "New Homes Bonus" to planning authorities to support the development of this infrastructure. However, the money is not ring-fenced so Local Authorities can use the money as they see fit. Unfortunately, NWLDC decided a few years ago to use all of the New Homes Bonus grants to subsidise a 0% rate increase so areas subjected to high levels of development suffer from lack of infrastructure. All other planning gain associated with a development is detailed in a legally binding Section 106 agreement signed by the developers, land owners and planning authority. This Parish Council is one of only a few parish councils that are signatories to S106 documents. This right has been won over a number of years by gaining the respect of the planning authority. In general monies allocated by Section 106 agreements go to Planning Authorities, the Police, the Health Service, the County Council, or Highways. There are only a few areas where it is possible for the Parish Council to gain planning gains for the community. Firstly, we can insist that money allocated to libraries go directly to our community library. It is also possible for us to undertake some of the transport management duties placed on the developer which we have successfully bid to undertake in the past. Finally, we have a duty to supply children's play areas and formal recreation grounds such as football pitches etc. Play areas are agreed with developers and once the development is complete the area is handed over to the Parish Council along with a fund to buy equipment and a sum for maintenance.

In the case of formal recreation funding, this Parish Council has generally been able to agree a figure of £1300 per house towards formal recreation in our community. We also work with developers to agree the wording in the legally binding 106 document which gives us a little more flexibility in how this £1300 can be spent in the community. As you can imagine this takes a great deal of negotiation many parish councils see very little of section 106 money, we however do try very hard to get as much planning gain for the community as possible.

In addition to Section 106 negotiations the Parish Council has been in negotiations with the Roxhill Development to secure £100k of community funding. Further discussions with North West Leicestershire District Council has secured a further £100k matched funding for our community.

We continue to strive to gain funds for our community be it through planning or via grants. Currently we are working with the college to help secure funding to resurface the all-weather pitches and possible shared use of playing fields. We work with the student council to find out the thoughts and views of the young people.

We are in discussions with Roxhill Development over the use of the willow plantations behind Moira Dale.

Last year we started talks with UPS which resulted in a charity 5 a side football competition which connected UPS to the Volunteer Centre. As a result of this interaction and a lot of hard work by the Volunteer Centre UPS has funded a new minibus for our community.

We continue to strengthen our partnership with M&S. Many of our free events are now supported by M&S volunteer marshals and helpers. Without this continued support, the events would struggle to run with the increased need for security awareness and visibility.

This year we have been working with the Royal British Legion to help them fill the marshalling gap left by the change in policing policy; to fund the band run the Poppies on Lamp posts initiative and to dedicate the Bentley Road woodland as a memorial to the fallen of WW1.

The Parish Council Small Grant Scheme continued this year. This initiative is funded by a £50k fee charged by the PC for allowing a drainage pipe to cross parish land. This is the second year we have run the event which has allowed many community groups to fund small projects up to £500.

Finally Castle Donington now has an adopted Emergency Response Plan which will enable rapid support to emergency services and members of our community effected by an incident.

The Parish Council strives to make Castle Donington a nice place to live. To that end our Groundsman Martyn and our Lengthsman Kieran work hard to keep the village looking good.

Spital Park and Moira Dale recreation grounds are heavily used; the facilities are always well maintained by Barbara and Dave.

Finally, a big thank you to the office staff Jayne, Grace and Fiona the Clerk for all the hard work.

Cllr Chris Hills » Less

Fri, 25 May 2018 15:50 by Chris Hills

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