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Castle Donington Parish Council

Serving the people of Castle Donington

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Clerk: Fiona Palmer
Parish Rooms , Hillside
Castle Donington, Derby
DE74 2NH

Tel: 01332 810432

The Development of The Hub

The Background

Since the 2008 financial market collapse, Central Government funding to County and District Councils has been consistently reduced year on year. To balance their decreasing budgets, Leicester County Council and North West Leicestershire District Council have been obliged to make cuts leading to services delivered to our community suffering. These cuts also affect voluntary organisations and charities, which rely on grants from local government to operate.

Three years ago Castle Donington Parish Council debated the impact of these cuts on this community. Ultimately there were two options:

1. Endure the cuts and watch important services decline, or

2. Where necessary and possible, take control of those services for the benefit of the community

Option 2 was chosen and in order to fund some of these services the local precept element of Council Tax was increased in 2014 by around £35/year (70p/week) for a band D property. This allowed the Parish Council to help fund organisations such as The Volunteer Centre and The Community Library plus take over some of the services no longer supported by the County Council. A further £5/year increase in 2015 to take on urban grass cutting, means Castle Donington stands as a beacon against most areas of 'overgrown' Leicestershire.

For 20 years through Village Appraisal, Parish Plan and on line research it has been clear that this community has desired a "Hub" of important local services. With the current financial pressures continuing, the Parish Council has been trying to purchase a relatively central building to enable organisations that support our community to work together sharing resources and thereby reducing overall running costs.

The Building

This year the opportunity arose to purchase the Tudor Hotel on Bondgate; a very large building with an equally large car park relatively close to the centre of the village. This was considered a once in a generation opportunity to create this "Hub" and the unanimous decision was taken by the Parish Council to pursue the purchase. This was completed on 15th November 2016. The building was purchased for £570000.


Costs to date





Hotel Purchase


Stamp Duty


Initial Drawings


Asbestos Survey


Phase 1 Clearance


Proposed Source of Funding





Government Loan






Section 106 funding from Developers & sale of current Parish Council office


* Estimate of monies required draw from S106 funding of over £1M to become available over the next few years.


November 2016
Tudor Hotel Purchased

December 2016
Initial building surveys completed and initial building clearance completed.

January 2017
Initial building design and drawing complete

February 2017
Planning Permission submitted for change of use and alterations.

March 2017
NWLDC Environmental Officers request for additional information about Farmers Market
Seven Trent raised no objection.
NWLDC Conservation Officer submitted list of requirements.
LCC Principle Ecologist raised no objection.
East Midlands Airport Safeguarding Officer raised no objection.
LCC Principle Archeologist request a 12 week desk top study be undertaken.

April 2017
LCC Highways response to planning application requesting a traffic management study on Bondgate because the carpark will be used for a Farmers Market one Saturday per month.

May 2017
Planning application withdrawn to amend plans and add additional works while desk top study undertaken.

June 2017
New planning application submitted to NWLDC

July 2017
Leicester University Archeology desk to study complete.
NWLDC Conservation officer response to new plans.
LCC Principle Planning Archeologist submitted list of restrictions.

August 2017
Meeting with LCC Highways to resolve Farmers Market questions.
Meeting with NWLDC Conservation Officer to resolve archaeology and conservation issues.

September 2017
Amended designs and drawings produced and submitted to NWLDC.

October 2017
Planning permission for new design and change of use passed by NWLDC

The Future
During the above process the building designer and the parish council initiated the local government procurement process and produced preliminary specifications which were submitted to companies wishing to quote for the refurbishment of the building.
After research of interested companies references were sort and a short list of 5 companies produced.
Now that planning permission has been granted final drawing and a full tender document will be finalised and sent to the shortlisted companies.
In early 2018 these tenders will be opened on accordance with the government procurement process and the contract awarded. Work to start as soon as possible with an estimated completion time of 20 weeks.