Serving the people of Castle Donington

Access for Disabled People

The Parish Council has considered the implications of this new Act in respect of all activities and duties it undertakes within the remit of a Parish Council.

The Parish Council is aiming towards meeting all the requirements as recognised within the Act at the earliest opportunity taking into account where reasonably practicable and the restraints of a limited budget.

In all aspects of its responsibilities it will be looking at ensuring all members of the community have been duly considered. It will not purposely discriminate against any member of the community and will endeavour to make, where reasonably practicable, all areas and all aspects of a Parish Council responsibility open to all.

It will when considering all new work, including refurbishment of play areas and other areas of responsibility, recognise the need to "include" the needs of all.

Last updated: Tue, 10 Oct 2017 13:48