Serving the people of Castle Donington

  • HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh 10 June 1921 - 09 April 2021

Castle Donington Library was threatened with closure but, thanks to community spirit, and the efforts of the Parish Council, it has been saved. Since the end of June 2016 it has been run as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation by a team of volunteers who have worked hard to keep the library running and thriving.

The library's main aims are:

1. To advance and promote the education for individuals, organisations and companies in Castle Donington and surrounding area.
2. To disseminate information to the general public.
3. To provide recreation and leisure facilities for the general public.

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When visiting you will find a selection of 'self help', biographies and and factual literature, and a wide range of fiction which boasts dedicated section to large print books, regularly updated with the latest releases.

From the kindness of book donations made by the local community, the library have a number of books for sale. All sales provide vital funding to keep the Community Library open.

The library has a fun and interactive section dedicated just for children the library volunteers graciously give up their time to host activities for the children to join in and learn with. We are very lucky to have the surrounding local primary schools bring small groups to visit the library during a school day.

Memory Boxes

Put together by Leicestershire libraries, each memory box contains a particular themed set of items to help trigger happy and special memories.

A beautiful way to help a generation to remember days gone by.

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