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Clerk: Fiona Palmer
The Community Hub, 101
Bondgate, Castle Donington
Derby DE74 2NR

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Categories of Information

Budget & Precept

The Precept and what your Parish Council does with it!

The Parish Council has now set the Precept for 2020-21. The Parish Council has looked very closely at keeping increases to a realistic and reasonable amount, balancing potential additional spending responsibilities against the economic background.

During the past year:

  • The Parish Council has had its first full year at the Community Hub, working with many local groups, charities and businesses. A snap shot of these are: the Volunteer Centre, Community Library, Local Beat Police Team, Bridge Club, exercise classes, "Nit and Natter" group of ladies, Girl Guides groups, French and Spanish classes, adult education classes, meeting facilities for businesses and local groups, plus private parties and functions.
  • The Community Hub Café has grown in strength seeing many people, old and new, able to drop in a for a coffee and cake, and a friendly face.
  • The Community Hub reception is run by volunteers, for which the Parish Council greatly appreciative of. It means that there is a safe and warm facility open 6 days a week; people can pop in with their queries, or just to get warm and have a natter.
  • The Community Library and Volunteer Centre continue to thrive in their new facilities, as does the newly formed Youth Club, that runs of every other Friday night from 6.30-9.00pm for 10-17 years. It is great to see there are over 90 names on the books, with local young people being those that run the Club. A great asset and a real bonus for the Community.
  • A lot of the groups and activities that run from the Community Hub are run by volunteers and benefit from the new facilities with reasonably priced fees.
  • The Farmers Market is growing in strength and continues to run on the second Saturday of the month.

Other things that the Parish Council has been working on during the year include:

  • Continually maintaining the play areas to good standards. This coming year will see some full-on upgrades to the sites, with the potential for a new skate park and new play equipment on the smaller play areas, now that the Section 106 money from the new house developers is starting to filter through.
  • Upgrading of the floodlights has been approved; however, the adverse wet weather has meant that the new lamps have yet to be installed and sit waiting for drier ground conditions.
  • Successfully secured a new Festive Lighting contract with a brand-new display; lots more bright lights along the street and a fantastic Christmas tree in the Market Place.
  • Continues to work with developers to ensure that what can be achieved for the village is done in the best manner.
  • Secured £10,000 from Western Power for allowing a cable to be run across Moira Dale playing field; this is money that can be spent elsewhere in the Parish.
  • Is working with the Village Hall trustees and committee to secure the future growth of the Village Hall.
  • Is working with the Football Club to upgrade the football pitches partly through grant funding from the Football Foundation.
  • Has agreed to continue to take-over the urban grass cutting from the LCC for a further two-year period. This will happen on a fortnightly basis in all urban areas around the village!
  • Has worked closely with the local Police and young people to reduce antisocial behaviour throughout the village; held consultation events and encouraged the young people to become involved. One of the major achievements has been the setting up of a Youth Club.

This is just a snapshot of the things from 2019-20! If you want to find out more then, either look at the Parish Council minutes on its website, speak to the Clerk or a councillor or pop into the Community Hub for a chat!

The door is always open for a chat and a coffee!

Below is a list of the things the Parish Council already does, not including the new activities and projects throughout the last year and going forward:

  • Provides, maintains and manages four playing fields.
  • Provides, maintains and manages two sporting facility buildings.
  • Provides and maintains twelve children's play areas plus a skate and teenage park.
  • Provides and maintains various areas of open space, including many tree belts, village entrance islands and other grassed areas (that the LCC and NWLDC no longer do!).
  • Provides and maintains the bus station area, including the provision of bus shelters.
  • Provides and maintains litter and dog bins on Parish Council owned land.
  • Provides, maintains and manages the Barroon Cemetery.
  • Provides, maintains and manages the Turf allotments.
  • Provides, maintains and manages other community buildings including the Dovecote (used by the Bowls Clubs).
  • Provides and maintains festive lighting displays.
  • Provides and maintains floral displays.
  • Organises and manages annual village events.
  • Comments on planning applications to the Local Planning Authority (NWLDC and beyond).
  • Comments on matters it is consulted upon by the District and County councils.
  • Supports local charities and organisations including Castle Donington Volunteer Centre, CD Museum, Sailors and Soldiers annual panto, Netball Club, Friday Group, Sports Clubs, etc.
  • Maintains the Closed Churchyard at St Edwards's church, including contributing to the ongoing maintenance of the external lights and church clock.
  • Liaises with all schools and young people at all levels and has assisted with the programme of internet and child sexual exploitation advice

The Parish Council is very keen to promote the local community and a feeling of pride. It feels very strongly that the events it runs actively bring the local community together and give people a sense of well-being. The Precept and additional grants and donations support the running of major events, including the Medieval May Market and Christmas Cheer Event. Music in the Park has become a "village favourite" and although subsidised in the main by a donation from Livenation and Marks and Spencer, it is your Parish Council staff and Council members and other volunteers who organise and run this and all the other events!

The Parish Council is always looking at alternative ways to fund projects and has been successful recently in securing grants towards a play on internet safety and child exploitation for children and parents at the College, disabled lift facility at the Community Hub, tidied up the garden at the Community Hub, etc

The final Precept is increased by 3.7% for a Band D resident, which in reality, is just under 10p per week. It is felt necessary to have this increase; without budgeting correctly for the future of this Parish, the good work could become unsustainable.

Expenditure over £500

For information regarding expenditure over £500 please refer to minutes

Senior Management Salaries

No one is paid more than £58,200 by this local council.

Staff Structure

Councillor Allowance

No Allowance is paid to Parish Councillors. except for the Chairman's Allowance which is used to cover the cost of Golden Wedding Anniversary flowers, invited guests to Annual Dinner and donation towards Royal British Legion.

Risk Assessment and Management Procedure

Risk is the threat that an event or action will adversely affect an organisation's ability to achieve its objectives and to successfully execute its strategies. Risk management is the process by which risks are identified, evaluated and controlled. It is a key element of the framework of governance together with community focus, structures and processes, standards of conduct and service delivery arrangements.

This document has been produced to enable the Parish Council to assess the risks that it faces and satisfy itself that it has taken adequate steps to minimise them. The Council is aware although some risks can never be eliminated fully, it has in place a strategy that provides a structured, systematic and focused approach to managing risk which:

  • Identifies the key risks facing the Council
  • Identifies what he risk may be
  • Identifies the level of risk
  • Evaluates the management and control of the risk and records findings
  • Reviews, assesses and revises procedures if required.

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