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Park Lane Junction Safety Changes

Park Lane Junction Safety Changes

Following a meeting with LCC Highways works will commence on the junction over half term. This will include re-phasing the lights.

The meeting was attended by Fiona Blockley, LCC Traffic and Signals Team Manager Angie Dunn, LCC Assistant Engineer, Asset and Major Programmes, Cllr. Dan. Harrison, Cllr. Shaun Ambrose-Jones, Cllr. Bob Sizer, Vice Chairman, Cllr. Rachel Canny, Fiona Palmer, Clerk.

These changes have been designed to improve both pedestrian safety AND traffic through flows. Although it may seem counter intuitive, the Highways Authority, which has spent a lot of time analysing it, recognise that traffic flow is compromised most by vehicles waiting to turn right, particularly buses up Delven Lane and into the bus station. After the change when the lights are green, the north and south directions will just keep moving whereas with the situation today, this is clearly not the case. Afterwards this will be monitored and reviewed.

Please see drawing of new sequence and a copy of a letter sent by LCC to the local schools.

Posted: Thu, 08 Feb 2018 12:30 by Chris Hills

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