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2020.03.24 Facebook Post

Clerk: Fiona Palmer
The Community Hub, 101
Bondgate, Castle Donington
Derby DE74 2NR

Rouge Taxi Scheme and associated Airport car parking issues

East Midlands Airport has created a new scheme to help assist with Rogue Taxi parking within the villages.
Please report all taxi's that are parked in the village, waiting for arrivals, to With the following evidence: Date and time of the incident, Location, Vehicle registration (essential) and if possible a photograph to include the vehicle registration

The idea is that if the taxi is reported EMA will write to the person registered to the vehicle asking them politely not to park in the surrounding villages, if the same car does it again it will be issued a final warning and the third attempt will BAN that car from entering the airport through ANPR.

Following on from a recent meeting with LCC to talk about the "Rogue Taxi scheme", the LCC asked that the parishes consulted with the community in terms of associated parking issues in the villages.

If you have any comments, suggestions, that might be related to airport parking and how this might be improved in the villages, then please submit your concerns and information for further discussion with the Parish Councils and Airport.

Options for permit parking - Castle Donington does not meet the criteria, so it would not be permitted. Some suggested ideas would have more of a detrimental effect of residents and business (time-limited), however, there may be some options that have yet to be discussed and considered.

Please submit these to by 28 October 2019.

Posted: Thu, 10 Oct 2019 16:11 by Fiona Palmer

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