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NWLDC - Garden waste and cardboard collections

Garden waste and cardboard collections will continue monthly until further notice.

We understand these collections are important to you - we continue to review when it is safe to resume normal fortnightly collections.

Your garden waste and cardboard is normally collected in the same vehicle but kept separate. This requires a four-man crew during the summer months, due to a large increase in garden waste. This makes it difficult for staff to socially distance and work safely - keeping them and their families safe from Covid-19 will always be our main priority.

We are therefore currently collecting your garden waste and cardboard in two separate vehicles, with a maximum three-man crew. This is why your garden waste and cardboard are currently collected separately and monthly.

Thank you for your continued patience and recycling efforts. Take a look at our tips and advice on reusing and disposing of excess garden waste and cardboard.

Posted: Tue, 18 Aug 2020 09:53 by Grace

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