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Red Route issues

Red Route issues

There have been a number of various issues with parked cars on the grass verges along the Red Route, particularly, in the area of the Aeropark.

A resolution to the issues has been jointly worked on with the LCC, Neighbourhood and Airport Police and the Parish Council.

  • The red line camera car to visit more frequently and issue penalty notices.
  • Aeropark car park gates are to be opened during daylight hours. Notices displayed accordingly. Police to manage this.
  • Soil style bund to deter the cars from parking is to be installed (similar to the A50 end of the Village).
  • Parish Council to apply for a grant to fund this work.
  • Parish Council to continue to mow and maintain the area once the new bund is in place.
  • Police to continue to carry out proactive patrols and deal with related issues caused by the cars being able to park up.

Posted: Wed, 18 Nov 2020 10:11 by Grace

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