Serving the people of Castle Donington

Who we are & what we do

Castle Donington Parish Council came into existence in 1895.

Mission Statement
The Parish Council exists to ensure that, within the resources available, the parish, its environment and local services are maintained to the highest possible standards for citizens, visitors and those that work in Castle Donington. The Parish Council will also provide a focus for civic pride and community spirit, listen, identify and respond to agreed local needs and should help develop a strong, secure, self-reliant and self confident community.

Castle Donington Parish Council Priorities
To promote a high quality, non-political council which works for the benefit of the whole parish.

To promote the well-being and civic pride of the parish and encourage a sense of community spirit by arranging and running a variety of community events.

To strive to achieve effective two way communication with the community, canvassing opinions and promoting informal discussion.

To maintain and protect the conservation Area, as well as encouraging a thriving village centre with appropriate infrastructure.

To strive to conserve and enhance the rural aspects of the village by protecting and preserving the natural green areas both within, and surrounding, the and support future growth.

To promote and provide services for a growing, thriving community including facilities and services which enhance village.

To promote all forms of pedestrian and vehicular links within the parish, especially to the village centre and to encourage future development of wider transport services.

To work with developers to encourage fitting development in the context of the parish and to encourage diversity, with preferential regard to the village population, by ensuring that new housing is provided for young people, lower income families and the aged.

To encourage sustainable employment, appropriate economic growth, and collaborating with local businesses for the mutual benefit of the community.


Committees & Working Parties

Our committees have specific tasks and can have delegated powers.

Documents and Policies

Our Staff

We have a team of staff that work together to deliver the range of services we provide. They can be contacted through our office at The Community Hub, Castle Donington by phone or email. If you have a problem to report, this can also be done online.

Parish Clerk

Parish Clerk

01332 810432

Parish Clerk

Fiona Palmer

Email me

Deputy Parish Clerk

Jayne Wintle

Email me

Admin assistant

Grace Thomas

Email me

Booking Officer

Michael Norwell

Email me


Kieren Lehrle

Café Manager

Barbara Atkin

Cemetery Caretaker and Groundsman

Martyn Lee


Kevin Bradley
Michael Norwell
Hazel Norwell

Email me

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