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Moira Dale Village Hall

Castle Donington Village Hall transfers to Parish Council

At a meeting held on 22nd September 2020, the Community made the decision to approve the proposal to transfer the lease on the Village Hall property back to the Parish Council and accordingly, the running of the Hall and changing facilities.

The transfer document has now been signed, which included an agreement by the Parish Council to ensure that the Village Hall part of the premises must remain as the Village Hall until at least 2060.

The Village Hall Chairman, Robert Else, commented:

"The Village Hall Committee is really excited about this transfer, as we know that the Parish Council are going to invest a huge amount of developer's money to totally refurbish the building together with extending the sports facilities. This will provide our Village with the most up-to-date amenities in the area".

"In our opinion, this revitalisation of the Village Hall, in conjunction with the other considerable building and refurbishment of public buildings in Castle Donington, will provide our Community with the services it deserves.

"Another local good cause that will benefit from the transfer is the Volunteer Centre, who will receive the balance of funds from the Village Hall Charity, which is now closing."

"The Parish Council Chairman, Colin Burton, stated that the Council when approached by the Village Hall Trustees and Committee regarding the potential transfer was fully in favour of the request and had worked hard to achieve this for the benefit of the whole community. The Parish Council has now agreed to fully refurbish the Village Hall so as to bring it up to modern day standards to cater for current and future generations."

The completion of this transfer officially took place on 1st February 2021.

Moira Dale sports facilities and Village Hall re-development

The site at Moira Dale incorporates the existing Village Hall premises together with an existing Recreational Sports building which currently provides changing rooms and associated facilities to serve the adjoining Moira Dale Recreation Ground and Playing Field.

The Village Hall is a single storey building which provides a community venue comprising a main function hall with a raised presentation stage. Associated facilities include a kitchen, bar servery area, ladies & gents WC facilities and & a small storeroom.

The existing Village Hall Building is thought to have been constructed in the 1960s, and whilst the venue provides a valuable & very well-used facility for the benefit of the local community, the hall is now approaching the stage where significant refurbishment of the premises is required to ensure the continued sustainability of the building to enhance and preserve this much-needed community facility.

The Village Hall Building is attached to the existing Recreational Sports building which comprises a two-storey unit providing four changing rooms with associated shower & WC facilities. The Recreational Sports Building is a later edition to the site, although still some 40 years old and was constructed to serve the Recreation Ground and Playing Field adjoining the Village Hall site.

The changing facilities, showers and WC facilities are located on the first floor of the building. On the ground floor, the building provides a small pavilion/sports room, an accessible WC facility and a small changing room for officials. The pavilion/sports room provides a rest and refreshment area for players and officials taking part in cricket and football games on the adjoining playing field. The remainder of the ground floor of this building currently provides additional storage facilities for the attached Village Hall.

Following the construction of the Recreational Sports building, the function hall within the existing Village Hall building was extended into part of the ground floor of the newly attached Recreational Sports building.

As with the Village Hall, the current Recreations Sports Building is also in need of being refurbished, and in addition, requires to be extended to provide an adequate level of facilities to serve both the existing and projected use of the recreational sports ground and playing field at the location.

The existing changing facilities have become inadequate and unsuitable to meet current legislation, design standards and requirements for sporting venues in terms of changing room sizes, officials changing facilities, shower facilities etc. Such facilities are now required to meet far higher standards of amenity, hygiene and safety and to achieve multi-use standards suitable for men, women, boys and girls and to promote the use of such recreational facilities by being entirely accessible to all genders and age groups.

In association with the current proposals to enhance and extend the current community facilities of the Moira Dale site, additional works are proposed to improve the current parking facilities at the site and potentially re-location of the play area too.

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